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What readers are saying about Forbidden Love Series

Papehn reveals the raw emotions of everyone involved in this relationship, deftly pulling the reader first one way then the other, never giving a hint of the outcome until the very end. A compelling read!

Diane Freeman


This book goes far beyond being a romance novel…it covers a range of experiences women might have and treats them in a compassionate, loving, healing way. You’re going to want to read this book, I guarantee it, and then you’ll want to pass it along to a friend, a sister, or a mother.

Diane Byington

Author of Who She Is

Strong. Steamy. Sexy. An unexpected romance, so well written it will leave you swooning!

Michele Ziemke


What readers are saying about Set To Music

Set to Music wrecked me–it’s heartbreaking, beautifully written, and unbelievably romantic. I’ll be swooning over Anthony for a long time.

Alex on GoodReads

Seriously sooo many things to love about Set to Music, from the author, to the story, the characters…absolutely EVERYTHING!

Romance Shmomance (Malia) on GoodReads

Could this book be anymore Perfect?… This book will forever be special to me for so many different reasons. I love seeing my culture be represented in a romance novel. I love seeing an Iranian woman fall in love with a Mexican man. I love the portrayal of the importance of family…

Sara on GoodReads